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 Break a Rule, have some dating fun
I saw something among my group of friends this weekend all who are at different levels of game. It made me ask myself what do guys who know game fear more, making the wrong move/ breaking a “game rule” or losing the girl? When you first start learning about game it’s implied that if you do X,Y and Z with every girl you will get positive results all the time. If you don’t get the positive results then either you did too much of X or not enough or Y. If all else fails there is something wrong with the girl. As a wanna be player, you need to realize you’re dealing with human beings not math problems or robots. Sometimes I’ve watched guys game and you can see them almost mouthing moves to themselves, I’m going to say this then she’ll say that, now touch her forearm. Other times I’ve watched guys lay back and be so “mysterious” or “aloof” that the dude looks like he’s about to fall asleep not even in the conversation he’s having with the girl. If you want to become a natural at some point you cant be bogged down by game rules and what other people would or would not do.. To go from amateur to natural like anything takes TIME and PRACTICE. Learn the basics and the reason behind the theories, After three or four years of practicing these basics and understanding them inside and out then start exploring your own path and what works best for you. A sponge is able to absorb tons of water but it’s also able to wring out just as much water. So as you get better with game start stripping away those parts you don’t need along with useless information. If not game becomes more like a chore and aren’t we all doing this to have fun? When the game starts getting boring and picking/ going out on dates seems more like a chore than an exciting chance to hook up with someone new. Try breaking some well known game rules.

Carson Personals

 When to call, should you text first
The dating game rule is to wait two to three days before initiating contact. But if the vibe is strong and you brought things up during the conversation, then fuck it call or text the next day to make an impromptu date for that day. Usually a Sunday works best. Now if you should text or call first doesn’t really matter, do whatever you want and don’t lose sleep over it.

Covina Ca, Singles

 Drinks or Dinner on the first date
It’s common game rule to always invite a girl out for quick drinks first, something about not showing her too much value early by feeding her. This is a rule I break often because by the time I’m done with the gym I’m fucking starving. If you’re actually hungry and the girl is attractive enough and if you have money, take her out for dinner. Dinner game is completely different from drinks game so get good at both.

Stockton, CA

 To Kiss or not to Kiss
The game rule is to usually wait to the end of the first date or second. But sometimes break this rule especially on in between a venue change or if you’re on the dance floor. Be daring and steal a kiss at an unexpected moment.


 Dating on the weekends
The game rule is that you go out on dates during the week and use the weekends to get more numbers. The clear advantage of breaking this rule is that you don’t usually have to worry about her calling it an early night, easier chance for multiple venue changes, and actual higher chance of hooking up.

Roseville CL Dating

 Giving compliments
Game rule, attractive girls have a huge ego (especially in California), neg her to knock her value down. You’ll be surprised how many of these girls are incredibly insecure underneath it all. A simple compliment wont hurt your game but the key is to make it something unique, something she hasn’t heard a million times already that night.

Palo Alto Love Online

 Lowering your value
Game rule is to always show higher value at all times. Sometimes acting humble or even slightly embarrassed will work just as well as bragging or showing off. I do this often with my job. I describe what I do first as being a professional nerd/ numbers geek and playing with spreadsheets all day. The girls that are really feeling me will say something along the lines of, “oh that’s not nerdy at all, it’s actually really cool”. Extra points when she’s in the same field.


This list could go on, point being is that we all got into game mostly because we were tired of societies rules on how dating should be, because we were tired of playing by women’s fairy tale confusing rules of attraction. Why stay in game only to make up new rules that will box yourself in, cut down on your available female market, and stunt your pick up freestyle? Learn the game rules, pick the ones that work best for you, then every now and then, break them. I will not be contained.

Riverside Dates

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